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Do the DEV from your LEV

June 19, 2014


Naming and logo design for IBM’s new development center in Karmiel (Western Galilee).

Dolev is a typical tree (Plain tree) in the Galilee region, the word happens to include the words “do” and “lev”,

meaning heart in Hebrew – and the word DEV – for development.

So this is the center where software and app development, testing and maintenance is done from the heart…


Mataa’im – Social and Ecological restaurant

May 14, 2012

Branding for a new social business set up by the Dualis social venture fund.

Mata’aim is a restaurant – cofee house located in the beautiful Ramat Hanadiv, the Baron and Baroness Rothschild’s memorial gardens in Zichron Yaacov.

The setting is perfect for a peaceful, tasty, mostly self grown organic breakfast or for celebrating a special event, surrounded by nature.

As in all of Dualis’ ventures,  training  youth in distress is part of the business, helping them become chefs and bakers and giving them a chance to earn a profession and provide for themselves. The name Mata’aim in hebrew is a play of words combining “Tasty/yummy” with “plantations”. The icon is a blend of leaf, smile, and a giving hand.

March 13, 2012

Branding for a consulting agency specializing in strategy and marketing in the Arabic-Israeli, orthodox ans Russian immigrants sectors, which constitute over 50% of Israel’s population.

Let’s Clay with Rony

October 31, 2010


Rony Oren, the master genius of clay animation and illustration, together with Daniella De-Nur publishing, are launching a new international brand of How-To books. These fun colorful books with Rony’s amazing illustrations, are already best sellers in Israel and a few European markets.  We had to come up with an international brand name – in English. The name I gave is Rony’s Clayground and the logo was designed by Adi Stern, head of the visual communication department in Betzalel academy, Jerusalem.

The beautiful site was designed and built by whitelabel

Game is the name of the Game

August 22, 2010


Organizational games? It might seem strange, but once you play a customized game you’ll understand the power of involvement leading to the success of Tal Horowitz’s Your Move (previously Sigalitah). It seems that no matter how technological we are, we always crave for human contact, debating, excitement and fun. Your Move’s games are part of a tailor made process, designed to cope with specific challenges the organization is facing.

I gave the new name and designed the logo with Adi Radai, product designer at Your Move.

temp site:

One of Your Move’s games. Relevant dilemmas, beautiful design and production  are essential for success.


April 17, 2010

Branding for an unconventional convention to be held by Kinetis in Israel.

The project was chosen for the  “Designed in Israel 3” exhibition.

More info to come…

The business cards were designed as amusement park tickets.

Rebranding – Hadera Paper Group

April 10, 2010

One of the more challenging rebranding projects I was involved in. Hadera Paper, formally American-Israeli Paper Mills, is an international group consisting of several companies and brands, such as Kimberly, Amnir and more. We (Lead Advertising) wanted to create a green industrial brand, and apply it where we can within the group.

We changed the AIPM name simply to Hadera Paper – which is the name that most people used anyway when talking about the group. Hadera is the city where most plants are located and it’s Hebrew name is derived from green (Chid’r) in Arabic, so we happened to have an historical ‘green’ in the name!

The idea behind the icon is combining paper industry with a green echo, or vibe. On this project I worked alongside with Yossi Baruch, the planner and Rami Yehodicha,  Lead’s Ceo.

Branding – Kik media

April 10, 2010

Branding for a new media company which advertises on mirrors! Created in Lead advertising.

The special mirrors are placed in shopping malls, work-out gyms, nightclubs and other locations that combine outdoor media with focused targeting.

The name and “eye” logo convey the impact and “reflection” of the media.