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Mirror Mirror on the Wall St

June 15, 2010


Rebranding for Tradency – A Forex trading platform using a unique ‘Mirror Trading’ system, which reflects strategies and actions of leading international brokers and traders. The logo itself conveys the reflection idea and based the concept for the whole launch campaign.

I created the branding and campaign (copy and design) with Lead Advertising, Tel Aviv.

Rebranding – Hadera Paper Group

April 10, 2010

One of the more challenging rebranding projects I was involved in. Hadera Paper, formally American-Israeli Paper Mills, is an international group consisting of several companies and brands, such as Kimberly, Amnir and more. We (Lead Advertising) wanted to create a green industrial brand, and apply it where we can within the group.

We changed the AIPM name simply to Hadera Paper – which is the name that most people used anyway when talking about the group. Hadera is the city where most plants are located and it’s Hebrew name is derived from green (Chid’r) in Arabic, so we happened to have an historical ‘green’ in the name!

The idea behind the icon is combining paper industry with a green echo, or vibe. On this project I worked alongside with Yossi Baruch, the planner and Rami Yehodicha,  Lead’s Ceo.

Branding – Kik media

April 10, 2010

Branding for a new media company which advertises on mirrors! Created in Lead advertising.

The special mirrors are placed in shopping malls, work-out gyms, nightclubs and other locations that combine outdoor media with focused targeting.

The name and “eye” logo convey the impact and “reflection” of the media.