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Do the DEV from your LEV

June 19, 2014


Naming and logo design for IBM’s new development center in Karmiel (Western Galilee).

Dolev is a typical tree (Plain tree) in the Galilee region, the word happens to include the words “do” and “lev”,

meaning heart in Hebrew – and the word DEV – for development.

So this is the center where software and app development, testing and maintenance is done from the heart…


March 13, 2012


Branding for a credit monitoring application.

March 13, 2012

Branding for a consulting agency specializing in strategy and marketing in the Arabic-Israeli, orthodox ans Russian immigrants sectors, which constitute over 50% of Israel’s population.

Let my credit flow

January 15, 2012

Pelecard is a leading Credit clearing company in Israel. Being a technologically oriented company, they neglected their brand and marketing materials for about 15 years.  They really needed rebranding! This project was led by Tali Gadi, Pelecard’s marketing and advertising consultant.


New Logo

The icon consists of the P and C, creating an endless flow between them. The 8 icon is the building block of the new brands visual language. Soon to appear also  in the upgraded website.


Old Logo


November 10, 2011

Branding for a new social-business network, offering online tools and offline training for small businesses and Soho’s. The icon was designed  in advance as an application/ share  icon. The arrow consists of the three (Teri) elements provided to members: Offline training with the Terilog workshop, Online business management tools such as CRM and shop, business network and special offers for members. Currently in Hebrew only.

Branding for Raanana’s Industrial Zones

April 5, 2011


The city of Raanana has 3 industrial zones located around the city. The largest in the north was called Etgarim, the central – in the east,  was associated with the neighbouring city of Kfar Saba rather than with Raanana. These areas inhibit some of the worlds leading Hi-Tech companies, such as Microsoft, SAP, HP, Amdocs, DELL, Retalix, TI and more.

My solution was to create one brand for the 3 zones, strongly linking them to Raanana’s a city which has a hi-quality, positive “green/park”  image. The “beehive” concept enables us to present the 3 Bizparks as green, “busy-bee” business environments and creates a modular design tool for signs, street furniture and graphics. The concept works in English and in Hebrew and even allows a combination of both.

Let’s Clay with Rony

October 31, 2010


Rony Oren, the master genius of clay animation and illustration, together with Daniella De-Nur publishing, are launching a new international brand of How-To books. These fun colorful books with Rony’s amazing illustrations, are already best sellers in Israel and a few European markets.  We had to come up with an international brand name – in English. The name I gave is Rony’s Clayground and the logo was designed by Adi Stern, head of the visual communication department in Betzalel academy, Jerusalem.

The beautiful site was designed and built by whitelabel

Solar Cash

September 20, 2010

New ad I created for Sunday – promoting roof rental for instaling solar power systems. Sub headline: If you have a roof 800 sq”m or larger, it’s worth a lot of money for you.

Check out the Sunday rebranding